Choose one of the years below to see some of the recognition our employees have garnered and some of the plaques and trophies displayed in our corporate headquarters.

Selfridge ANGB wins Ronald McCarthy Award!

Selfridge Airfield Management is the winner of the Ronald McCarthy Award for Air National Guard Airfield Management for the Year of 2014.  Congratulations and Well Done to the PMI Airfield Management staff for their contributions which led to this great achievement!


Homestead Airfield Management and Transient Alert "Give Back"

After reading a story in the Miami Herald about helping local homeless kids get ready to go back to school, a group PMI's Airfield Management and Transient Alert staff organized a little something to help out. The news story mentioned that these kids are often forgotten by fund raisers, and have a very tough time trying to "blend in" without classmates knowing that they're homeless.  The employees raised enough money to purchase numerous very nice backpacks and binders, & stuffed the backpacks full of supplies (to include personal items like toothbrushes/toothpaste and soaps/deodorant) to help the kids get ready for school opening.  They donated the items with no fanfare whatsoever, because as Assistant Airfield Manager, Brian Thomas put it,  "We're all military veterans that wanted to give back a little something to the community we work and live in."  You can't ask for more than that...Thank you all!


Westover BOS Acknowledged for Air Show Support

Lt Col Dave Smith, the  "Air Show Director",  told the PMI Contract Manager, "PMI WAS AWESOME". He also said, there were numerous last minute requirements with many changes and modifications to the plan, and at NO time did he receive a, "NO, it can't be done." He especially thanked RPM and all the shops (specifically mentioned Roads and Grounds, Electric, and Carpentry shops).  He went on to thank Fuels, TA, Airfield Management, and MVX.  Thanks also to Supply for all their behind-the-scenes support. Great Job!


Homestead ARB Employee Wins Trophy for Outstanding Support

During July’s Homestead ARB Unit Training Assembly, Major Damien Miller, Director of Operations, 482 Logistics Readiness Squadron, recognized Mr. Melvin Miller, Vehicle Operations Lead, for his outstanding support.  Maj Miller presented him with a well-deserved trophy, stating, "In appreciation for your outgoing commitment and dedicated service to the 482nd LRS".  We are proud of Melvin for his honor, and his recognition is indicative of the high value of all our Vehicle Operations and Maintenance personnel who add their support.  Kudos!


Robins AFB Vehicle Mechanics Resurrect Korean War Era Truck

The M35 is a military icon that for decades has hauled troops and supplies in combat zones around the world. Because it could carry 2.5 tons, it was commonly called “Deuce and a Half.” After years of searching, the Museum of Aviation will finally have one to display. The vehicle was delivered to Robins in 1987 and has spent all of its service life at this base with the 5th Combat Communications Group, said curator Mike Rowland.

The M-35 had been sitting outside in the elements rusting away. Phoenix Management Inc., a contractor with the LDS, accepted the assignment to paint the truck as well as help with the restorations. “When we started, it was in pretty rough shape,” said Henry Kirkpatrick, paint and body mechanic with PMI.
Kirkpatrick along with his coworkers Gary Saylor, metal mechanic, and Rick Koast, mechanic, used their knowledge to fix what was broken or replace what was unfixable. Kirkpatrick and two other PMI mechanics stripped the truck down to parts and sandblasted the main body. They then painted and reassembled the vehicle.

Kirkpatrick drove the truck on its final run from Robins, down 247 and into the Museum of Aviation gates where it will be displayed as a memorial to one of the work trucks of the military. On September 30, the AF Aviation Museum held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the M35. There is a sign describing the vehicle and the fact that PMI refurbished it. Kirkpatrick attended the ceremony, helped cut the ribbon, and spoke about the refurbishment.


Westover Roads & Grounds Wins Belchen Post Award .... Again!

PMI was awarded the Belchen Post award for BEST Snow and Ice Control in AFRC for the 4th consecutive year. The plaque is hanging proudly outside the Contract Manager's office along with the previous 3 awards.  This is a direct tribute to the hard work of both our Roads and Grounds folks and the PMI mechanics that keep em rolling!

Hurricane Hunters Come to Homestead ARB

During Tropical Storm ERIKA, the Hurricane Hunters from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron came to Homestead ARB.  The 53rd had been operating from a Caribbean airport, but in order to maintain a critical, continuous data flow to the NHC, they needed to redeploy.  With the 1st Hurricane Hunter aircraft scheduled to arrive in the middle of the night, Airfield Management staff selflessly volunteered to adjust work schedules to accommodate the 24/7 ops; and Weather, Transient Alert, and Fuels were ready.  PMI Staff greeted the five WC-130J aircraft during a 2-day period, and went over & above to create and distribute local area info sheets, provide rides to obtain meals, and according to the deployed Mission Commander, “…went out of their way to give us the best service we’ve had anywhere.”  The Hurricane Hunters were thus able to maintain around-the-clock surveillance of the storm.

In all, Airfield Management provided airfield & aircraft operations for the Hurricane Hunters as well as all the other local & transient aircraft, large and small; dispensing nearly 40,000 gallons of jet fuel (just for the 53rd), processing more than 80 flawless flight plans to the FAA, expended thousands of pyrotechnics for bird dispersal, and processed inbound/outbound passengers and cargo for redeploying Fighter Wing personnel….all during three days when the base was gearing DOWN from operations! 


Homestead Airfield Management Does it Again!

Early Friday mornings at Homestead ARB are generally pretty quiet.  But on this one, at 5:02 a.m., Homestead Air Traffic Control Tower personnel informed PMI's Airfield Management Operations Specialist, Mr. Carmelo Alicea, that a twin-engine civilian aircraft near Cuba had declared an emergency while en route to the Dominican Republic; one engine had failed, and the pilot requested to land at Homestead - NOW.  Carmelo immediately initiated required local notifications, and coordinated the arrival with the Tower and USAF Security Forces personnel.  Since Base Operations is a one-person operation at night, Carmelo also responded to the airfield and assisted with parking the aircraft on the Transient Ramp - a mere eight minutes after the initial notification of the emergency.  Once the airplane was safely secured, he completed proper documentation for a civilian aircraft landing on a military installation, and assisted the pilot in contacting his maintenance team elsewhere in Florida; as a result, troubleshooting was quick, and with further PMI assistance in flight plan filing, the plane departed only 4-1/2 hours after touching down at Homestead.  PMI’s Homestead Team of Airfield Management Specialists are top notch, and Carmelo Alicea is one of our stellar performers.  Well Done!


 Camp Lejeune PMI Transportation Staff Lauded for Exceptional Support

The COR for MCIEAST Contracting at Camp Lejeune sent PMI words of praise for several of our Camp Lejeune Transportation Services staff. He praised Jennifer Hall, stating, "She always manages to find us a vehicle, even on the shortest of notices.  If our vehicle requires service, she ensures that we are notified in a timely manner, and that we have a vehicle during the time our assigned vehicle is in the shop.... I have to say she is truly mission focused, and customer oriented. Her demeanor, and astute attention to detail and outstanding customer service are above reproach. ...  PMI is truly lucky to have her as an employee and the Camp Lejeune Base Motor Transport is lucky to have her on board!"

He went on to praise several other Transportation Services staff, "Mr. Wade LeMaire, Mr. Tommy Givens and Mr. Tim Sawyer have always come through
for us.  They are ALWAYS on time, and will ALWAYS stay until the job is complete... even if that means going beyond the time requested.  They run a
tight shop and a smooth operation.  Our hats are off to these members who so diligently support the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy
Team!!  They should be commended for all they do!" 




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..... I commend you for your dedication to ensuring that our veterans have access to ample employment opportunities and helping them find their place in the Texas workforce. Together, we will build a better and brighter future for the Lone Star State.

Governor Greg Abbott

... “I just want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding job your contract team has done. Their daily work performance is always off the charts, but getting VPP Gold is just another demonstration of their determination."...

Commander Robins AFB, GA

Upon winning the 78 LRS 1st Quarter Team Award: “This is the absolute top award for our Squadron. Needless to say your PMI Vehicle Maintenance team continues to rise us up to the top. I am sincerely grateful to be associated with such awesome, hard-working, dedicated people.

Senior Government Official Robins AFB, GA

..."PMI has provided us with an exceptional Project Manager (PM). The PM has understood our mission and has never said “no” to any request from our office. PMI has also staffed the tabs with managers that are experienced and knowledgeable and employees that are Customer Service oriented."

Retiring Senior Government Official Westover ARB, MA


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