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Our Philosophy

Phoenix Management Inc. (PMI) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 1992. Since that time, PMI has successfully bid and managed dozens of multi-million dollar government contracts. PMI has been the successful bidder on over 75 contracts and has a history of continuous profitable operations, consistent growth, and excellent service. Our contract win ratio is more than triple the industry average, but that’s just the beginning of our performance record. Our CPAR ratings have been especially exceptional, and we have extremely high award fee results. Each contract awarded has met a specific goal of adding management depth and technical expertise to the Company. PMI has been a small business success story providing a standard of excellence in all areas of contract management unequaled in the industry. In 2015 PMI acquired Defense Contract Services, Inc (DCSI), now a wholly-owned subsidiary of PMI. Owning and operating DSCI provides PMI with the full capabilities and experience of DCSI.  For information about DCSI's experience and capabilities, please visit

Our contracts range in scope from:

Airfield Management Managing T. O. Libraries
Gateways (passenger processing) Data Logistics and Material Control
Aircraft Corrosion Control Base Supply
Aircraft Servicing for FAA Operations Base Fuels
Air Terminal and Ground Handling Operations Vehicle Operations and Maintenance
Base Libraries Equipment Maintenance
Base Operating Support Services Transient Aircraft Services
Civil Engineering Real Property Maintenance and Services Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Launch Support Services and Transportation
HAZMAT/HAZMART Traffic Management, Training Management
Furnishings Management Household Goods and Transportation
Fuels Management and Operations Weather Services
Aircraft Refueling Vehicle, Equipment, Facility, Manpower and Environmental Management


Our Awards

PMI Westover ARB, MA Personnel React to Blizzard!

An extremely powerful “Nor’Easter” blew into Massachusetts on 8 February dumping historic amounts of snow for more than 24 hours. The total snowfall for Westover was 20 inches.
Governor Patrick activated the MA Army National Guard, and enacted the first statewide driving ban since the blizzard of 1978. Numerous watches and warnings were also issued. As a result, the Wing Commander sent everyone (except essential personnel) home to ride out the storm. Among those remaining on base were our PMI employees.
PMI’s snow removal team got into place early, and began a monumental cleanup campaign as soon as the snow started falling. Their efforts were hampered by high winds, up to 40 mph, and blowing snow. Because the airfield was scheduled to reopen at 0700 Sunday, PMI’s cleanup efforts had to be continued almost uninterrupted from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning.
As a result of their extraordinary efforts, PMI’s snow removal team received high marks from virtually all of the Wing Leaders. The Mission Support Group Commander, made a personal visit to the PMI Roads and Grounds Shop to thank the team for their efforts.
Well done PMI!

You can see more of our awards in the awards section.

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