Choose one of the years below to see some of the recognition our employees have garnered and some of the plaques and trophies displayed in our corporate headquarters.

Tinker AFB, OK – Base Supply & Munitions 
Starting off the year on a high note, OSHA was at Tinker Air Force Base the first week of February doing the (Volunteer Protection Program) VPP Star Program assessments and noted that PMI’s supply area was the BEST area they had encountered throughout the ENTIRE base! Kudos Team!
Austin, TX Corporate News 
In March 2017, an amazing 25 years after starting PMI, Marj and Leonard Strickland retired. Gary and Donna Giarratano have taken the helm and are ready for the next 25 years and what the future holds! Congratulations Marj & Leonard!
Homestead ARB, FL – Base Operations & Support Services 
In March, PMI Base Operations & Support Services Contract Weather Operations personnel got a personalized tour and briefings at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.  Weather Operations Manager Jon George and Weather Technician David Kepple joined Contract Manager Bob Katz to visit the NHC, where they had a unique opportunity to meet and speak with hurricane forecasters and other specialists in areas such as storm surge/inland flooding predicting, and tropical analysis.  Experts in their fields explained the many weather products available through the NHC website, as well as how the products are actually produced, and even gave a preview of improvements for the upcoming season.  Each of the specialists stressed that, although the tools to collect data and forecast the weather continues to become more efficient and accurate each year, the actual forecasting is accomplished through a very careful analysis of all factors by an experienced forecaster – a person.   
Keesler AFB, MS – Aircraft Servicing 
On April 28, 2017, our very own Harold Baronich, Contract Manager, was given accolades from the Keesler Air Force Base Major General for his dedicated efforts during the 2 Air Force’s third annual “Pathways to Blue” event. During this two-day event for ROTC students, giving them the opportunity to experience “days in the life of an Airman”, was a great success and could not have gone so smoothly if not for Mr. Baronich and his team. Kudos Harold!
USCG Elizabeth City, NJ – Air Traffic Control
On July 13 & 14, 2017, Elizabeth City State University Flight Department provided airplane rides for over 80 ACE Camp Program students attending summer camp at the college. PMI’s Air Traffic Controllers did an excellent job handling the extra 30 flights from the 4 aircraft along with our normal traffic. Additionally, that weekend we also hosted a tower tour of over 10 coast Guard cadets from the Coast Guard Academy spending the summer at Elizabeth City. 
Austin, TX Corporate News 
PHOENIX MANAGEMENT, INC. has been selected for the TENTH year in a row for the 2017 Austin Awards for BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS and now qualifies for the Austin Business Hall of Fame. Congrats!

Camp Lejeune, NC – Transportation & Operations Maintenance 
The Transportation Motor Pool Division received a Letter of Appreciation from the G-4 Marine Corps Installation East for a job well done. The letter praised the staff for their outstanding support for FY 2015-2016 and cited some of the accomplishments: the team supported more than 3950 missions around Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, and New River as well as distance training, ensuring over 124,000 Marines and hundreds of tons of cargo were delivered on time.

More Kudos to the PMI Camp Lejeune Team:

The G4 Deputy Fleet Manager thanked the PMI Team for the support provided in moving and relocating three NCIS NTVs “expeditiously and without incident”, passing on the gratitude of NCIS for the services rendered. He went on to state “PMI efforts reflect great credit on the organization as a whole and define the term “Team Work”. Well done!

The MVO Supervisor for the Base Landfill/Public Works Division sent an email commending two members of the PMI Team for their assistance with the DumpMaster at Camp Johnson yesterday. The truck had a ruptured hydraulic line resulting in a substantial spill of hydraulic fluid. Their quick response in tough working conditions enabled the truck to get back to the Landfill and the spill cleaned. He went on to say “We always appreciate you and your team, but during times like yesterday, the professionalism really shines. Thank you for keeping us on the road!”

Robins AFB, GA – Vehicle Maintenance Services 
The incredible crew at Robins AFB received high praise concerning their work on the Condor. “Fantastic job team, just a word of sincere thanks to let you know that I truly realize how much prep work this mammoth beast took. Especially considering the bad shape it was in when you started this project. Your efforts by far have exceeded what I was expecting. Once again, “Team PMI/LGRV” knocked it out of the park. Thank you all for what you continually do for our Flight/Team each and every day. Simply amazing!”

More kudos for the PMI Robins Team:

Members of the PMI maintenance team jumped in and removed the engine from a P23 fire truck that had broken down in the middle of a runway in less than 7 hours (average removal time is 36-48 hours) right after the call for service came in. Not only did they remove this engine, but they also prepped it for the machinist, and then transported it to the machine shop.  Meanwhile, the PMI Fleet Manager contacted HQ in Virginia and requested a loaner P23 until PMI was able to get this vehicle back into service.  HQ quickly responded to her request and shipped a P23 from another base that was in excess status.  While the Fleet Manager was speaking to the fire department about reaching back to HQ’s Fire Rescue about keeping said asset, the other fire truck arrived.  Once this vehicle arrived, the same maintenance mechanics jumped on the vehicle to fix the issues it had when it arrived.  They replace two tires, purged the pump, repaired the roof turret assembly, and fix a major oil leak
in less than five hours, and had the entire flight operations back up and running before the end of the day.  If they didn’t get this vehicle up and running the entire flight operations for the first flights would have been on hold. This is some amazing work, by three exceptional associates! 

Keesler AFB, MS – Transient Aircraft Services 
On October 25, it was necessary for Mississippi’s Governor Bryant to land at Keesler for a short stopover. In a note addressed to the Commander, 91 Operations Support Flight, Gov. Bryant, and his pilot, Brandon Fans, State Aviation Administrator, praised the support provided by Transient Services. The Commander added his praise to the Transient Aircraft Team, “I would also like to personally thank you for your continued professionalism and eagerness to support all the various missions we have had going on out of Keesler! I have received nothing but positive feedback from transient and local aircrews...keep up the great work!” Kudos to the Team!

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..... I commend you for your dedication to ensuring that our veterans have access to ample employment opportunities and helping them find their place in the Texas workforce. Together, we will build a better and brighter future for the Lone Star State.

Governor Greg Abbott

... “I just want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding job your contract team has done. Their daily work performance is always off the charts, but getting VPP Gold is just another demonstration of their determination."...

Commander Robins AFB, GA

Upon winning the 78 LRS 1st Quarter Team Award: “This is the absolute top award for our Squadron. Needless to say your PMI Vehicle Maintenance team continues to rise us up to the top. I am sincerely grateful to be associated with such awesome, hard-working, dedicated people.

Senior Government Official Robins AFB, GA

..."PMI has provided us with an exceptional Project Manager (PM). The PM has understood our mission and has never said “no” to any request from our office. PMI has also staffed the tabs with managers that are experienced and knowledgeable and employees that are Customer Service oriented."

Retiring Senior Government Official Westover ARB, MA


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