Choose one of the years below to see some of the recognition our employees have garnered and some of the plaques and trophies displayed in our corporate headquarters.

PMI Camp LeJeune Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Render Exceptional Customer Service Every Day!
Another impressed customer stated, “I would like to commend the Base MT section for support that was provided this afternoon for MCES. During lunch today we had a requirement for transportation that didn’t allow us time to go through the normal process with Base MT. Wade Lemaire and Sheila Jones both stopped what they were doing and not only provided support within minutes but provided better solutions than what was requested. Please pass on our thanks from MCES for the tremendous support and for true concern of our needs.”

Thanks for all of your efforts everyday!

PMI Camp LeJeune Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Always Keep the Bar High!
More satisfied customers stated, “Just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that the contractor (PMI) that services our fleet of vehicles at building 1502 (BMT) does an outstanding job and they (Tammy and Martin) communicate with me daily to ensure I have enough vehicles to cover all my routes and if I don’t have all the routes covered they try their very best to get them repaired ASAP and they also work with me on doing PM’s at my convenience so I can keep enough vehicles to keep our Marines supported. The great trash and recycling support that we (PWD) get credited for couldn’t happen without the great support we get from Martin, Tammy and their staff at PMI. Please pass on to BMT that we appreciate their and PMI’s outstanding support.”

A job well done Team PMI!

PMI Camp LeJeune Personnel Continue Exceptional Service!
A happy customer comments, “David Townsend is a roving mechanic on Camp Lejeune. He has given outstanding service with numerous apparatus problems with the Fire Department at Camp Lejeune. We would like to thank him for always doing a great job.”

Thanks for all you do everyday, Dave!

PMI Camp LeJeune Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Shine Bright!
A satisfied customer recognizes PMI employees: “I just wanted to take a minute to thank all involved in the assistance from BMT/PMI concerning the dumpmaster accident. Mr. Bock, Tammy, Jerry, and James from PMI and Mr. Flint, Sheila, Wade, Tommy and all others from BMT and PMI that helped with the removal of the dumpmaster from the street. Thanks for all your support!!”

Nice work Ladies and Gentlemen!

PMI Vehicle Maintenance Employee at Robins AFB, GA Wins Award!
Mr. David Langston is recognized as the 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s (LRS) Contractor of the quarter for always rendering superb service to customers!

Great job Dave!

PMI Westover BOS Personnel Earn Recognition and Report on CBS News!
CHICOPEE, MA (WSHM) – Crews work to keep runway at Westover Air Base clear
Posted: Feb 13, 2014 5:27 PM CST
Updated: Feb 13, 2014 5:33 PM CST

By Bill Rapp – A crew of more than 30 people worked to keep the pavement clear at Westover Air Base in Chicopee on Thursday. Wind-driven snow made the effort more difficult as visibility came close to zero at times. Crews used plows, massive rotary brushes and huge snow blowers to keep the runway clear for the Air Force C-5 aircraft.Phoenix Management, Inc. has the contract to keep the 11,000 foot long, 300 foot wide runway clear. Their objective is to keep the center of the runway down to bare pavement. Because of the massive size, the runway was an alternate landing area for the space shuttle program. It was never used for that purpose.Supervisor of Roads and Grounds said his crews are responsible for clearing the equivalent of a small city. Their day began at 5 a.m. Thursday and would continue until 11 p.m. Thursday night when the tower closed for the night. They were planning on heading back out at 4 a.m. Friday so the runway is ready for normal operations at 7 a.m.

Phoenix Management has won awards for the past three years for their efforts clearing snow from the air reserve base. Herring credited the hard work and dedication of the crew for their success. He said the runway has only closed once in several years and that was because of the blizzard in February of 2013. The runway was closed for 12 hours.

Along with the 1.6 million square yards of pavement, the crew is also responsible for clearing 24 miles of roads on the base. According to PMI’s Maintenance Manager, it costs about $1 million a year for snow clearing operations. Snow is not allowed to be piled up, it all has to be trucked off the runway. He said once the snow stops, it has to be put into rows where huge snow blowers transfer snow to tri-axle dump trucks. He said the snow was trucked to a field where it was dumped then blown into a field with the snow blowers.

PMI Homestead BOS Personnel Support Local Community!
PMI’s Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Manager brings pleasure to children by taking part in the local Airbase Elementary School’s Annual Truck Day for your use.

Great job!

PMI Westover BOS Snow Removal Personnel Impress 439 AW Commander!
The 439 AW Commander experienced Snow Removal Ops first hand and stated, “I had a great time today with the PMI troops. It gave me a new appreciation of what they go through to keep the airfield operating. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved and tell them I will try to make it out to visit them again.”

Great job Team PMI!

PMI Camp LeJeune Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Shine!
Clearly impressed customers praise PMI’s Motor Vehicle Dispatcher. “Mr. Martin it was a pleasure meeting you this afternoon, and to say that your company has an asset in Ms. Singer and I just wanted say thank you and thanks to Ms. Sabrina for a job well done this past year… The things I have observed and as a Safety Specialist and a customer to the BMT. My visits are quick however always delightful due mostly to the staff that you have placed down at BMT.”

“Mrs. Singer is very motivated & proactive she offers her assistance to the staff without hesitation. She treats everyone with the utmost respect and courtesies. It is apparent that Mrs. Singer prepares meticulous correspondence and tracking sheets. She has an upbeat attitude and genuine personality in which everyone can get along with. She has always found a way to help solve an issue. She has improved the overall administrative efficiency of checking out and returning a vehicle to BMT, by reducing the wait time that is spent by personnel in this process. She has been observed assisting the tenant command personnel and she continues to help the Safety Department meet its mission, with her exceptional service. ”

PMI Westover BOS Personnel Praised by Retiring Official!
Base Requirements Advisory Group (BRAG)Just prior to her retirement, a senior government official’s parting words to the 439th Air Wing Commander, were highly complementary of PMI. She spoke to the excellent working relationship that PMI enjoys at Westover. “By its very nature, the BOS contract is difficult. On the Government side, we must squeeze every cent from taxpayer dollars to meet our mission with shrinking budgets. For PMI, as a small business, they need to earn as much revenue as possible to keep their bottom line healthy and ensure employment to their personnel. Here at Westover, our Government front line BOS team brings an exceptional amount of knowledge and experience to the job. On the other side, PMI has provided us with an exceptional Project Manager (PM). The PM has understood our mission and has never said “no” to any request from our office. PMI has also staffed the tabs with managers that are experienced and knowledgeable and employees that are Customer Service oriented. Westover is unique. Other bases do not have our success of being able to bring both sides together to address issues, negotiate new requirements, or handle emergencies as well as this team does. “I’ve never worked with a finer team of individuals.”


Homestead ARB Employee Earns Honor Guard Award

Robert Hedges, PMI's Production Control Clerk at Homestead ARB, volunteers with the 482nd Fighter Wing Base Honor Guard. For his outstanding support to the Honor Guard in 2013-2014 he was presented with the title "Honor Guard Pit Crew Chief of 2014". Congratulations, Robert!

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..... I commend you for your dedication to ensuring that our veterans have access to ample employment opportunities and helping them find their place in the Texas workforce. Together, we will build a better and brighter future for the Lone Star State.

Governor Greg Abbott

... “I just want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding job your contract team has done. Their daily work performance is always off the charts, but getting VPP Gold is just another demonstration of their determination."...

Commander Robins AFB, GA

Upon winning the 78 LRS 1st Quarter Team Award: “This is the absolute top award for our Squadron. Needless to say your PMI Vehicle Maintenance team continues to rise us up to the top. I am sincerely grateful to be associated with such awesome, hard-working, dedicated people.

Senior Government Official Robins AFB, GA

..."PMI has provided us with an exceptional Project Manager (PM). The PM has understood our mission and has never said “no” to any request from our office. PMI has also staffed the tabs with managers that are experienced and knowledgeable and employees that are Customer Service oriented."

Retiring Senior Government Official Westover ARB, MA


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