Choose one of the years below to see some of the recognition our employees have garnered and some of the plaques and trophies displayed in our corporate headquarters.

PMI Westover Base Operating Services (BOS) Personnel Termed “Best BOS Team”!
A senior Commander lauded PMI’s Roads and Grounds personnel as the “Best BOS Team I could have hoped for” for their exemplary snow removal

Superb Recognition for PMI’s Vandenberg Launch Support!
Over and over, ZERO discrepancies! PMI personnel shined during another site buy-off inspection without a single without a single discrepancy. QAE personnel commented, “Another outstanding performance”.

Thank you Team PMI!

PMI Robins AFB, GA Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Excel!
A HQ Air Force Material Command Senior Government Official lauds PMI personnel, “…Vehicle Management Personnel looked extremely professional and the pride of VM personnel was very high; especially in the tire shop and RFM… Great job!”

Thanks Team PMI!

PMIs’ Westover BOS Vehicle Operations Personnel Go Above and Beyond, As Usual!
A happy customer cites, “… in addition to being one of the nicest people I’ve met, he always goes above and beyond to help the customer” and “…very professional and obviously a people’s person”.

Thanks for representing PMI so well in all you do everyday!

PMI Munitions Personnel at Tinker AFB, OK Receive Certificates of Appreciation!
PMI Base Supply Munitions personnel receive praise and certificates for their exemplary work with munitions. A Commander thanked several of PMI’s munitions personnel for their help and expertise in accountability and pallet buildup. PMI personnel turned a two day task into a single day’s work, enabling the unit to focus on other tasks and to prepare for the upcoming ORE/ORI.

Thank you Team PMI!

Base Civil Engineer (BCE) at Westover ARB, MA Lauds PMI Personnel
The BCE commends PMI’s Real Property Maintenance (RPM) Team for “juggling a wide range of urgent requirements and managing the total … I’m pleased with the progress they’ve made”.

Thanks Team PMI!

PMI’s Robins AFB, GA Fleet Manager Shines Again!
A senior government official calls our Fleet Manager, “Top Notch” and comments positively on his routinely excellent work!


PMI Westover BOS Personnel Ace Major Inspection!
An Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) official comments on PMI’s mobility process, “Enough. We’re more than happy with what we’re seeing. We don’t need to see any more!”

Awesome work folks!

PMI Westover BOS RPM Personnel are the Best!
A senior government official lauds PMI RPM personnel for their rapid response during a major storm with lightning. He stated PMI, “… prevented a major facility fire, saved many HVAC systems throughout the base from being damaged or destroyed, and kept impacts to the base flying mission to a minimum. Their dedication and perseverance under extreme adverse weather conditions is admirable, and reflects credit upon themselves and upon Phoenix Management, Inc. Thank you for providing such talented and dedicated professionals to your team here at Westover. Not a day goes by that we don’t appreciate the fine work that they do for us”.

Senior Commander at Tinker AFB, OK Bestows Credit upon PMI Personnel!
“Thank you for your superior performance, extraordinary effort, not to mention the long, hard hours put into the COMMSTAR Combat Immersion Day on 22 Apr 2011. You made this event exceed all expectations! Our distinguished visitors were extremely impressed with your professional and highly effective manner in which this event was planned and executed. Your demonstration of exceptional skill and resourcefulness was nothing short of spectacular. It’s truly a pleasure having you in the 72d Mission Support Group”.

PMI Camp Lejeune Motor Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Personnel Shine!
“Thanks for the support making a successful ceremony Friday night. Very frustrating with all the last minute changes in numbers, but everything fell into place. Your truck drivers were a tremendous help.”

One PMI employee receives a letter of appreciation stating, in part, “…I wanted to personally thank you for your performance”.

Go Team PMI!

Seven PMI Westover ARB, MA Employees are “Coined” by Senior Commander!
Kudos to one of our employees for developing a method to certify flight line driving for Alpena-bound personnel before their deployment from Westover. This resulted in a huge time saver for the deployed location personnel and a request for consideration to the IG as a “Best Practice”.

Another employee was recognized for his support during the Wing Operation Readiness Inspection; three more for “tremendous support provided by PMI over my 3-years at Westover”; and finally two more for their actions during the severe weather experienced by the base in June.

Exceptional job folks!

Three PMI Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF), GA Personnel Recognized!
Three employees are “Heroes” at HAAF, GA. Their quick response in support of a suspicious package at a military clinic was essential in relocating of 141 employees and patients on short notice.”

Way to go folks! Stay vigilant and help keep our troops safe!

PMI Camp Lejeune MVOM Personnel Superior Service!
During a recent Distinguished Visitor tour, a senior government official commented, “From my perspective everything went very well thanks to your careful prep and excellent execution.”

Thanks Team!

PMI Presidio of Monterey Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) Employees Save the Day!
Our story starts at 0415 hours on Saturday morning when a unit expected four busses to arrive and transport the entire company to Fort Hunter Liggett for exercises. PMI’s TMP had never received the request. A PMI employee was called by the unit and he reacted quickly and was able arrange four drivers without advance notice to meet this unscheduled request, despite being Saturday morning just past 4 AM. These employees, working as a team, turned this very stressful situation around and saved the day!

Great job folks!

PMI Robins AFB, GA VOM Employees Astound Officials!
OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) is a recognition process for exemplary safety. PMI’s Vehicle Maintenance personnel are recognized by a Commander for contributions in the Wing earning GOLD status for the 78 ABW VPP Program. Specific comments include, “I just want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding job your contract team has done … Their daily work performance is always off the charts, but getting VPP Gold is just another demonstration of their determination. I’m grateful for your partnership and proud of your success. I applaud your team’s dedication to excellence in the workplace and their recent selection to Gold VPP status”.

Way to go Team PMI!

PMI’s Westover BOS Employees “Plow” Their Way Through!
On Saturday, October 29, an unusual Nor’ easter struck Massachusetts and the rest of the Northeast, downing trees, power lines, and telephone poles across the region. Snow fall totals ranged from 12 inches in the Chicopee Westover ARB area to 27 inches in surrounding hill towns… local area record for October. In Massachusetts alone, more than half a million homes and businesses lost power during the storm, Westover Air Reserve Base included.

Electric service to Westover ARB was restored by late Sunday afternoon. However, other communities in the surrounding area remained without power. As a result, near blackout conditions existed with traffic and street lights out and roads closed, as downed utility lines, branches and trees made travel impossible. Our Westover electricians worked for almost two-days straight getting base power back on and our roads and grounds snow removal crew absolutely excelled in keeping the base open.

PMI’s Real Property Maintenance Manager, stated, “The acting Mission Support Group Commander, called me at home on Sunday, saying that she was surprised that I had not called her yet, advising to close the base. I told her I would call if we felt that was necessary from an engineering perspective. I never called and the base was open and ready to go on time on Monday morning.”

PMI Westover BOS Personnel Reach New Milestones!
During a recent Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management (ESOHCAMP) Program inspection, PMI’s Team Chief was singled out for superior service. The inspector lauded PMI’s record keeping and generator maintenance program as “one of the best seen in Air Force Reserve Command”!

Great work Team PMI!

Air Force Material Command (AFMC) Inspector General Recognizes PMI’s Accomplishments at Robins AFB, GA!
PMI’s Vehicle Maintenance Team received the following comments from the inspection team: “The Vehicle Maintenance Team has been absolutely exceptional.” “Best government/contractor partnership ever seen!”

PMI was presented with the “Gold Safe Site Banner”.

Incredible work Team PMI!

PMI Tinker AFB, OK Fuels Personnel Recognized for “Going Above and Beyond”!
Comments from a senior official included, “Six fuel truck drivers went above and beyond the call of duty by supporting E-6B fuel systems testing”. These six gentlemen stayed on the T-line operating their trucks for hours at a time as we painstakingly fueled and defueled an E-6B with 23,900 gallons of JP-8 in 100 to 1,000 gallon increments. During testing, temperatures reached a low of 22 degrees and these men were not phased one bit by the cold. The success of this test period is due in large part to the hard work, dedication and can-do attitude exhibited by your world-class fuel team. Please extend my “thanks” and “well done” to your great team. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Thank you Gentlemen! Great work, as usual!

PMI Launch Support Personnel “Do It Again and Again”!
PMI again achieved a milestone this morning. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Another Buy Off Inspection is completed and the results are ZERO discrepancies AGAIN. This accomplishment speaks to our work ethic, experience, dedication to the mission, and willingness to go the extra mile for our customer.

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Great job gentlemen!

PMI Tinker AFB, OK Base Supply Personnel Receive Letter of Appreciation!
A senior government official lauds the performance of PMI’s Base Supply Team: “They made is possible for us to receive, store, and distribute over 4,900 Professional Development Guides to 38 Base Organizations. … After we discovered that delivery to Tinker’s Traffic Management Office was not a feasible option. …With their assistance I was able to issue the total PDG order within three days of delivery. Their commitment to the mission and excellent service exemplifies the wingman concept and directly supports the Tinker AFB WAPS”.

Great job going above and beyond Team PMI!

PMI Tinker AFB Base Supply Personnel Praised!
PMI personnel praised by a Colonel with a letter of appreciation for “outstanding support of the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference Visit”. “Thanks for representing Team Tinker and the Wildcatters so well – keep up the great work!”

Thanks Team PMI!

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..... I commend you for your dedication to ensuring that our veterans have access to ample employment opportunities and helping them find their place in the Texas workforce. Together, we will build a better and brighter future for the Lone Star State.

Governor Greg Abbott

... “I just want to take a moment to recognize the outstanding job your contract team has done. Their daily work performance is always off the charts, but getting VPP Gold is just another demonstration of their determination."...

Commander Robins AFB, GA

Upon winning the 78 LRS 1st Quarter Team Award: “This is the absolute top award for our Squadron. Needless to say your PMI Vehicle Maintenance team continues to rise us up to the top. I am sincerely grateful to be associated with such awesome, hard-working, dedicated people.

Senior Government Official Robins AFB, GA

..."PMI has provided us with an exceptional Project Manager (PM). The PM has understood our mission and has never said “no” to any request from our office. PMI has also staffed the tabs with managers that are experienced and knowledgeable and employees that are Customer Service oriented."

Retiring Senior Government Official Westover ARB, MA


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